Utilities Service, LLC Regional Supervisor in Sanford, Florida

We are currently seeking a Regional Supervisor to join our American Lighting & Signalization, LLC team in the Street Light Construction & Maintenance Department in Sanford, FL.

American Lighting & Signalization is a rapidly growing national outdoor lighting and traffic signal service provider to utilities, municipalities, and state transportation agencies. Based in Philadelphia, we are a full-service contractor offering construction, maintenance and other support services. A wholly-owned subsidiary of UtiliCon Solutions, LLC (www.utiliconltd.com) and Asplundh Tree Expert, LLC (www.asplundh.com), American Lighting & Signalization, LLC is one of the nation’s top outdoor lighting service providers.

Regional Supervisor

Within American Lighting & Signalization (ALS) the Regional Supervisor is responsible for street light, traffic signal, other utility, municipal, other construction and maintenance operations for multiple customer contracts in his/her given geographical area. This oversight responsibility includes the safety, profitability, financial controls, work quality, operational performance and customer satisfaction of all work performed by ALS crews.

This position reports to the Regional Manager, and has the direct oversight of multiple General Forepersons who directly supervise all field employees and activities.


  • Implements and enforces company safety policies and programs as directed by the Regional Manager.

  • Communicates safety management responsibilities to General Forepersons and direct reports.

  • Reviews incident reports, property damage, auto, and post-accident investigation reports for accuracy and completeness

  • Ensures post-accident investigations are conducted.

  • Tracks and analyzes safety performance of his or her team.

  • Ensures safety action plans are implemented and corrective action steps are completed.

  • Ensures inspections are conducted of tools, vehicles and personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • Ensures that tools, vehicles and PPE satisfy company standards.

  • Evaluates General Forepersons and direct reports safety performance.

  • Mentors General Forepersons in developing safety leadership skills

  • Actively participates in safety meetings and safety committee meetings (as appropriate).

  • Conduct a performance review monthly with General Forepersons on IFS, OSHA, AL, LCPH, MOR, JBO and AVMS reports against goal. Review disciplinary actions taken for consistency and celebration milestones. Review status of corrective actions plans.

  • Attend and participate (as necessary) on each weekly safety conference call.

  • Report OSHA injuries, at-fault auto accidents to President, Vice President, Region Manager and Safety Manager same day as occurrence.

  • Participate in a safety tailgate meeting at least weekly

  • Participate in all OSHA recordable, at-fault auto accident and high exposure post-accident investigation calls.

  • Review and track disciplinary actions taken for MOR repeat offenders

  • Conduct and document a minimum of four (4) JBOs per month.

  • Conduct and document bi-weekly vehicle and equipment inspections.

Safety Performance Standards

  • 100% completion of annual driver safety training

  • 100% responses to MOR’s submitted within 2 days

  • 100% reporting of all injuries, auto accident and significant near misses. Incident reports submitted within 24 hours

  • 100% completion Action Plan/ACE corrective actions by the due date.

  • Communicate lessons learned from all safety incidents

  • 100% compliance with all manhole entry requirements – where applicable

  • All tools and equipment used

  • Rubber gloves – inspected daily electrostatically tested 60 days

  • 100% compliance to weekly safety tailgates communicating the following:

  • Incident Review

  • Safety Tailgate Topics

  • Review safety trends and incidents then compare them to policies and procedures to discover possible gaps.

  • Supervisors shall evaluate tool, equipment and vehicle inspection results and generate action plans for correcting trends as required.

  • Supervisors are accountable for following up with any crew member who is injured and will make every effort to provide transitional (modified duty) work assignments available to those employees. It is the company’s expectation that injured employees return to work as quickly as possible and to limit days away from work.

  • Supervisors and General Foreperson must:

  • Assist in completion of job analysis, job modification or identification of transitional duty tasks to facilitate early work return.

  • Communicate all offers of employment or intentions to offer with Claims Manager

  • Send written offer of transitional duty to crew member if they are off work

  • Send confirmation letter verifying refusal of transitional duty, if work is refused.

  • Review the job tasks and expectations with the crew member and verify that they are within current restrictions

  • Ensure compliance with equipment or work station modification.

  • Review safety rules and precautions with Crew member

  • Discuss crew member’s requirements for time off to attend medical appointments and/or therapy.

  • Adjust duties as restriction change, in coordination with the Risk Management Department and the treating physician

  • Notify Claims Manager, Insurance Carrier and Corporate Safety when crew member returns to work and of any change in work status.

Supervisor Competencies

Competency: Time Management

  • Uses time wisely and has a daily, weekly, monthly plan

  • Prioritizes projects and understands which activity takes priority

  • Adjusts plan and tasks to account for changes in conditions

Competency: Strategic Decision Making

  • Organizes information and data to identify/explain major trends, problems, and causes; compares and combines information to identify underlying issues.

  • Generates and considers options for actions to achieve a long-range goal or vision; develops decision criteria considering factors such as cost, benefits, risks, timing and buy-in: selects the strategy most likely to succeed.

  • Makes sure strategies are carried out; monitors results and makes adjustment as needed.

Competency: Building Partnerships – Customers

  • Analyzes the customer to identify key relationships that should be developed.

  • Proactively follows up with customer to ensure that needs are being met.

  • Works to understand the customers wants and needs and reacts to these items

Competency: Building Trust

  • Demonstrates honesty; keeps commitments; behaves in a consistent manner.

  • Listens to others and objectively considers others’ ideas and opinions, even when they conflict with one’s own.

  • Treats people with dignity, respect, and fairness; gives proper credit to others; stands up for deserving others and their ideas even in the face of resistance or challenge

Competency: Project Management

  • Tracks the jobs in progress to understand if goals are being met. Understands the importance of reviewing the WIP and managing this work.

  • Holds Management team accountable for staying on plan

  • Notifies the Manager timely if problems occur on a project that require attention

Competency: Contract Management

  • Manages the contract to ensure it is being followed by both the company and the utility

  • Ensures that billing is done in timely fashion

  • Resolves any issues between the customer and Home Office in a timely fashion

Competency: Knowledge of the Position

  • Understands the type of work that needs to be done on each job

  • Asks for help in areas were specific knowledge is lacking. Does not “wing it”.

  • Has the understanding of the needs of the business when making decisions

Competency: Accountability for Results

  • Establishes criteria and/or work procedures to achieve a high level of quality, productivity, or service

  • Dedicates required time and energy to assignments or tasks to ensure that no aspect of the work is neglected; works to overcome obstacles to completing tasks or assignments

  • Accepts responsibility for outcomes (positive or negative) of one’s work; admits mistakes and refocuses efforts when appropriate

  • Provides encouragement and support to others in accepting responsibility; does not accept others’ denial of responsibility without questioning.

Competency: Develops and Maintains a Safety Culture

  • Support and comply with Regional Safety Management Plan (SMP)

  • Audit operations to ensure compliance with Regional Policies

  • Work with General Foreperson and Regional Safety Superintendent to address all emergent safety issues.

  • Truly believes in projects the company’s Safety First, No One gets Hurt philosophy

  • Takes personal responsibility for his/her Region’s Safety Culture

  • Places a high priority on Safety when taking with customers and employees and does not tolerate unsafe acts.

Competency: Works to Grow the Business

  • Is always looking for new opportunities to increase business

  • Makes Sales Calls to potential customers to grow business

  • Tries to “increase Share” with existing customers

Competency: Customer Focus

  • Actively seeks information to understand customers’ circumstances, problems. Expectations, and needs

  • Shares Information with customers to build their understanding of issues and capabilities

  • Builds rapport and cooperative relationships with customers

  • Considers how actions or plans will affect customers; responds quickly to meet customer needs and resolves problems; avoids over commitments.

  • Implements effective ways to monitor and evaluate customer concerns, issues and satisfaction and to anticipate customer needs.

Regional Supervisor’s Minimum Requirements:

  • Must have at least 10 years of street light construction and maintenance experience

  • Must be proficient with Microsoft Office

  • Must be able to stay organized in a fast-paced work environment

  • Must have cognition to solve problems

  • Must be able to follow directions, work safely and productively

  • Must be able to work overtime during Holidays, emergencies, weekends, etc.

  • Must pass a background check

  • Must be able to communicate with others

  • Must have valid driver’s license

  • Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug screen

  • Must be self-motivated

  • Must be able to follow federal and corporate confidentially practices for drug testing, background checks and other sensitive information

  • Must be able to work as a team with management staff and administrative staff.

Physical Requirements:

R arely = less than 10%

O ccasionally = up to 33%

F requently = up to 66%

C ontinuously = 67% to 100%

Individuals must be able to perform the essential functions of the position with or without a reasonable accommodation. Individuals with a disability who desire a reasonable accommodation should contact the ADA Coordinator at 1-800-248-8733, ext 1339.

An Equal Opportunity Employer, including disabled and vets.

























Range of Motion




Hearing – Speech Range




Depth Perception


Body Twisting


Color Vision






Sense of Touch




Manual Dexterity




Speaking Clearly




Seeing Distant


Climbing Ladders


Climbing On/Off Trucks and Equipment


Climbing Stairs


Climbing Poles and Structures






Lifting Up to 10 lbs.


Lifting Over 10 lbs. to 50 lbs.


Lifting Up to 50 lbs.